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Department of Carotid Surgery - Alleray Labrouste Clinic
64, rue Labrouste - 75015 Paris France
Vascular Surgeons

Christian PETITJEAN, MD +33 1 44 19 50 85  
François CORMIER, MD +33 1 44 19 52 85  
Viviane DUEDAL, MD +33 1 44 19 53 29  
Sumio FUKUI, MD +33 1 44 19 53 29  

Christian GAUTIER, MD

+33 1 44 19 53 29  


Dominique COTE, MD    


Christian PETTENARO, MD    
Jean-Marc VURPILLAT, MD    



Medical secretary / Clinical research assistant: Mrs Mylène ROY
Medical secretary : Mrs Marie Laure THIBAULT

Assistant for vascular surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery :


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Website about carotid artery stenosis, diagnosis, treatments and prevention.
..General Public Area :
....This part is intended for patients, their families and all who are interested in carotid stenosis in the disorders for which they are responsible and in their medical and surgical treatments. The style has been intentionally simplified for better understanding.
General Public Area
..Doctor Area : in french only
....This part is intended for physicians. It will essentially discuss the diagnosis of the disease, the indications for medical therapies and surgical treatments, and the long-term follow-up of patients
Doctor Area
..Surgeon Area : in french only
....This part is intended for surgeons. It will discuss surgical methods and the perioperative management of patients.
Surgeon Area

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By Christian PETITJEAN, MD - Department of Carotid Surgery of the Alleray Labrouste Clinic- Paris / / /