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This website is intended to provide information about atheromatous stenoses of the carotid artery. The information presented here is of a general nature and does not, under any circumstances, enable one to formulate an accurate therapeutic indication. For that purpose, you need to consult your physician, who, after asking you questions and performing a detailed examination, will prescribe tests, examinations and therapies necessary to your health.

Atheromatous stenoses of the carotid artery are the result of the development of atheromatous plaque in the arterial wall of the bifurcation of the common carotid artery. This plaque may be responsible for serious disorders (paralysis, vision disorders, difficulty in speaking). There are methods to prevent the development of atheromatous plaque. When individual plaques have reached a high volume and pose a significant risk of serious disorders, they may be treated either with drugs or by surgery.

This part of the site includes eight chapters.

Anatomy facilitates identification of the carotid artery in the neck area and in relation to other arteries in that same region.
Atheromatous plaque describes what an individual atheromatous plaque is, how it forms and how it may become responsible for various disorders.
Diagnosis of the disease describes the disorders that an atheromatous plaque may cause and the examinations required to evaluate the disease.
Therapies describes the medical therapies and surgical treatments for atheromatous plaque.
Prevention describes healthy behaviors and diets that limit the development of atheromatous plaque.
Questions & Answers provides information relating to the most frequently asked questions.
Glossary defines terms used on this website.
Links presents links to several complementary Internet sites.