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Physical activity


Reducing your intake of lipids should be coupled with an increased metabolism.

Regular physical exercise reduces your stored fats, improves the health of your heart, develops your arterial circulation and increases your muscle tone. Weight loss will benefit your spine and your heart. You will thus improve your endurance and you may be able to resume activities that had become too difficult. Walking two miles (about three kilometers) every day reduces the risk of myocardial infarction by 50%.

To fit this effort into your schedule over time, you must choose an activity that is pleasant. This may simply be walking, jogging, bicycling, or any other sport you would like to take up again.

Before beginning, consult your attending physician. Depending on your medical records, he may prescribe a cardiac checkup and will advise you about activities that may be more appropriate for your physical condition.

If you have not participated in sports for many years, begin slowly and increase gradually. Do not forget that your body is rusty. Too ambitious a beginning could result in aches and possibly, in the worst-case scenario, a heart attack. Gradually, you will increase the duration and intensity of your effort.

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