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Medical treatment


There are two types of drugs used in the event of a carotid stenosis: drugs that reduce the risk of embolism by fluidizing the blood and drugs that limit the development of atheromatous plaque.

1)Blood fluidizing drugs :

a)Platelet inhibitors, the oldest of which is aspirin, reduce the adhesion of platelets to one another. This slows down the formation of blood clots.
These are the drugs most often used in cases with a narrow carotid stenosis or with a stenosis accompanied by symptoms.

b)Anticoagulants reduce blood coagulation by acting directly on the causes of coagulation. In the event of carotid stenosis, their indications are more limited than those of platelet inhibitors. Anticoagulants are mostly used in emergencies, prior to a surgical procedure, or when a patient is affected by another disease requiring anticoagulant therapy (cardiac arrhythmia, embolus producing cardiopathy, etc.).

2) Drugs limiting the development of atheromatous plaque :

a) Hypolipemic agents reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

b) Antidiabetic drugs reduce blood sugar levels (glycemia).

c) Anti-hypertension drugs normalize arterial blood pressure.

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